Why Having Regular Dental Checkups Is Crucial For Your Oral Health

A woman in a routine dental visit in Bucyrus, OH.

Most people know that good oral health routines, such as daily brushing and flossing, are important for the health of your teeth and also to your overall well-being. However, it’s always sad when someone avoids the dentist until they start experiencing severe, and often painful, dental problems. Lack of dental care is a factor that contributes to compounding oral diseases. This often leads to unnecessary financial strain, leaves a person with pain and discomfort that could have been avoided, and even contributes to other serious health complications such as heart disease and diabetes. For the best oral health and overall wellness, see a top rated dentist every six months for a routine dental cleaning.

When you visit your dentist twice a year:

  • Your teeth and gums will be healthier
  • Your dentist can detect early signs of infection or oral health concerns
  • You can get immediate treatment for small problems before they become major problems
  • Your mouth will be free of plaque, giving you fresher breath and a great smile

A Routine Dental Checkup Includes

Basic Examination

At your first appointment, your dentist will take a complete series of x-rays so that they can look for cavities, check your jaw alignment, and more. If needed, check-up x-rays will be periodically ordered.

At a follow up examination every six months, your dentist will evaluate any plaque or tartar that may have developed and measure your gum pockets with a special probe. This procedure checks for bleeding and a transmissible dental disease called gingivitis. Your dentist may also check for any signs of cancer in your tongue, face, neck, and throat.

Scaling & Cleaning

To keep your smile in top shape, your Garfield Heights dentist or dental hygienist will scale away any tartar buildup on your teeth or gum line. This can be done in different ways depending on the severity of the buildup. Afterward, your teeth will be polished with a specialized toothpaste to help remove stains and any remaining soft plaque. Finally, your teeth will be carefully flossed to make sure everything is clean.

Why Are Routine Dental Visits Important?

Prevent Plaque, Tartar, Cavities, & Tooth Decay

Some areas in the mouth, such as the back molars, can be difficult to keep clean with a toothbrush and floss. These areas are vulnerable to the buildup of plaque and tartar, which will eventually cause oral diseases such as gingivitis and cavities. A routine dental visit will help prevent excess buildup of plaque or tartar from your teeth and gums while also giving your dentist an opportunity to check for the early signs of decay and cavities. If there is any evidence of a dental issue, treatment can be started immediately to prevent the problem from becoming worse.

Detect Oral Cancer

In addition to carefully examining your teeth and gums, your dentist will also be looking for any signs of oral cancer. Routine dental visits help with early detection of oral cancer, which is the top factor for successful cancer treatment.

Prevent Gum Diseases

When plaque and tartar buildup are untreated, they can cause a receding gum line. Severe cases will result in bone loss in your jaw and destroy the supporting tissues around your teeth. A damaged jawbone will no longer be able to support your teeth, which means your teeth will fall out and need to be replaced with dentures or other devices. Regular dental checkups will treat tartar and plaque buildup in their early stages, and include a check of your gums, so that these diseases can be prevented before they make serious impacts on your oral health.

Find Problems That May Be Hiding Under The Surface

Periodically, your Garfield Heights dentist will order x-rays of your mouth and face so that your bone structures, the inside of your teeth, and your jaw can be easily examined for any hidden issues, such as damaged teeth, bone decay, cavities, jawbone damage, swelling, and even tumors or cysts. Early diagnosis and treatment of these problems will promote your overall well-being.

Examination Of Your Head, Neck, & Lymph Nodes

A woman with a beautiful smile in the dentist office in Bucyrus, OH.

At a routine dental visit, your dentist will check for swelling, thyroid size, lumps, and other abnormalities that may signal a deeper health issue. You may be referred to your doctor or to a specialist if your dentist suspects further diagnosis or treatment is needed.

Help Keep Bad Habits At Bay

Habits such as smoking or other tobacco use, teeth grinding, ice chewing, nail biting, jaw clenching, and more can negatively affect your teeth. At a routine visit, these habits can be gently discussed. Your Cuyahoga Falls dentist can assess your mouth for damage and offer preventative treatments or modalities to either quit these habits or reduce the damage they can cause.

World Class Dental Care In Bucyrus, OH

If you are looking for an experienced and friendly dentist for a routine visit, schedule an appointment with one of the experts at Pure Health Dental. We look forward to helping you maintain optimum oral health for a lifetime! Contact us to schedule an appointment at one of our convenient seven clinics to get started on your oral health journey.


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