6 Ways Smoking Cigarettes Or Vaping Can Ruin Your Smile

6 Ways Smoking Cigarettes Or Vaping Can Ruin Your Smile in Ohio Smoking, whether it is cigarettes, cigars, or vaping, is something that can affect far more than your lungs. It can have a devastating effect on your oral health as well and cause multiple issues in that regard. These issues can range from being mildly inconvenient to potentially deadly. You will need to tell your Ohio dentist if you are a smoker.

If you are considering smoking, then you need to have these things in mind about how tobacco and vaping affect your oral health

You Can Get Periodontal Disease

This is also known as gum disease and it increases exponentially the more you smoke each day. Generally, the real starting point tends to be 10 cigarettes a day to increase your risk of gum disease. The big problem is that when you smoke, that reduces the amount of blood that is being sent to your gums, and warning signs of periodontal disease, like bleeding gums, may not be present. That would allow the gum disease to progress faster than it would if you did not smoke. 

One of the results of gum disease is loose teeth, which can then turn into lost teeth. That can be problematic on several levels. The main issue is that chewing and talking can be more difficult. You can also become quite hesitant to smile, which is definitely a blow to your confidence. There is another problem that we will go into more detail about in a couple of sections. 

You Can Get Mouth Cancer

You don’t have to just worry about possibly getting lung cancer from smoking. You can also get mouth cancer, which can then result in a lot of treatment if not caught early. If it progresses, you could even wind up having to have major surgery on your face and jaw, which would affect the overall look. While smoking is not the culprit all the time when it comes to oral cancer, it can increase the chances of you getting it.

Combining alcohol and smoking is also another recipe for possibly getting mouth cancer. If you do one or the other, the risk is not as great. Perhaps the chemicals in both of them are assaulting your mouth and increasing the probability that some malignant cells will start reproducing and grow and eventually possibly spread. If you smoke, the mouth cancer usually shows up on the side of your tongue, the bottom of your mouth, or your lips, but it can be detected in other spots. See your Seven Hills dentist regularly – they screen for oral cancer yearly.

You Can Have Trouble Healing After Oral Surgery

This is the other problem that was mentioned above. When you have gum disease and need oral surgery, the lack of blood to your gums due to smoking can seriously hinder the healing process. Your immune system is suppressed overall. This can lead to one or more problems: 

  • Dry Socket – This can occur if you smoke after a wisdom tooth extraction or another tooth extraction. The blood clot, which is supposed to help healing, can come off. Dry socket can result, which is very painful
  • More Pain – Even if you don’t get dry socket, your levels of pain can be higher if you smoke, since the healing process is impaired
  • Possible Dental Implant Failure – When you get a dental implant, the first thing that happens is the Bucyrus dentist putting in a titanium screw to fuse with your jawbone. If your healing is hindered, then the fusion process can also be stalled. Thus, the chances of your being able to successfully get a dental implant goes down dramatically. 

You Can Get Tooth Decay

While smoking can discolor your teeth, you also have to worry about tooth decay. You can develop large cavities that then weaken the tooth and result in dental work having to be done which can be a lot more difficult for the reasons listed above. 

You Can Have Bad Breath

How Tobacco & Vaping Affects Your Oral Health in Ohio You can get bad breath from smoking for several reasons. It could dry out your mouth, which then leads to more bacteria growing in there, which is a big reason for bad breath. There is another cause, acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis. You will be in a lot of pain and there will be a bad taste and smell that accompanies it.


While all of the above tends to focus more on cigarettes, vaping can cause dental problems from the e-liquids that are in it. You can be ingesting heavy metals, volatile organic compounds and even other carcinogenic chemicals. It is not a safe alternative, and you can get a lot of mouth inflammation from it.  

Visit Qualified Dentists For a Professional Oral Health Routine In Cuyahoga Falls, OH

There are a lot of benefits to quitting smoking. Having improved oral health is one of them. Your gums can heal faster again. But if you find quitting too difficult, you can still help improve your chances of staying healthy – brush twice a day for two minutes at a time, floss, and use a mouthwash. See your dentist twice a year – they can spot changes that you might not. Drink a lot of water to keep your mouth from getting dry. 

At Pure Health Dental, we have seen patients with all kinds of oral conditions. It is our goal to help everyone have the healthiest mouth possible. If you live near any of our Ohio locations, do not hesitate to reach out to us to make an appointment. We also welcome walk-ins! 

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