5 Warning Signs That There Is Tooth Decay Under Your Dental Crown

5 Warning Signs That There Is Tooth Decay Under Your Dental Crown in Ohio You had some dental work done by an Ohio dentist  and the final thing they did was to place a dental crown on top of one of your teeth. It feels snug and secure. The material is strong, almost as strong as your natural tooth. But is it 100% protective? No. There are things that can still happen under there, and one of them is tooth decay. If not detected and treated early, you could wind up with severe nerve pain and the need for a root canal or even a possible tooth extraction. 

Here are some things that you should look out for if you are wondering if there is tooth decay occurring under your dental crown. 

Increased Tooth Sensitivity

Do you feel pain when you bite down on something or if you drink something hot or cold? That means that decay could be happening under your dental crown. You could pinpoint that if it’s the same tooth that has the crown on it. Otherwise your gums could be receding and the nerve of another tooth could be getting exposed. You might be using teeth whitening strips and that can cause tooth sensitivity. In any event, you should talk to your dentist to find out what is happening. 

Pain Or Toothache

One of the main signs of dental decay is having pain in the tooth. It tends to come on suddenly, and it can be quite aggravating. If bacteria has been causing decay under your dental crown, it could be eating its way through your tooth and eventually hit a nerve. Your Seven Hills dentist could see about putting a filling in or doing a root canal if the filling would be too large and put strain on your tooth. Once that has been cleaned, the dental crown will be put back on. 

Swollen, Inflamed Gums

This could be the sign of another thing – gum disease. You might have gingivitis, which is able to be reversed. All you need to do is brush and floss like you are supposed to and the gingivitis can go away. But if it is not, then it could mean that something is lingering under the dental crown. Then that would require dental intervention. Your dentist will examine you and make the determination.

Bleeding When Brushing Or Flossing

If you see this, it might not necessarily mean that something is going on under the crown but that you have not been brushing or flossing enough. If you resume your proper oral health routine, then the bleeding should stop. But if there is something going on under the dental crown, then the bleeding will likely continue. In that case, you should go see your dentist to ensure that something else is not happening. 

Visible Brown Or Grey Spots On The Tooth Material Around The Crown

How To Detect Tooth Decay Under My Dental Crown in Ohio When this happens, it means that you have not been properly brushing or flossing your teeth. This, in turn, allows the bacteria to really grow underneath the dental crown and cause a lot of issues in terms of both aesthetics and your overall tooth health. You need to have your dentist take care of this before it gets even worse. That can be a very expensive lesson for you to learn. 

If you have any of these symptoms, you should go see your Bucyrus dentist immediately. Do not try to gut it out. They will likely have an X-ray taken of the crown to see if they can possibly spot decay. Sometimes this can start off small, but this is the best method for them to determine what is going on. If there is decay, then they will have to remove the crown so that they can fix the tooth and then put the crown back on or make a new one if necessary. 

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Getting a dental crown does not mean that you can take a “Set It and Forget It” attitude about it. You need to properly brush your teeth for two minutes at a time, including the area around the crown. After that, you need to floss using the correct technique, which is to not bring the floss up and down in a jagged motion but rather slide it through and let it wrap around the tooth a bit on the side to get all kinds of particles out. After that, you should use a nightly rinse that can fight bacteria while you sleep. 

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