Professional Dentists Share Tips For a Successful Tooth Cavity Treatment In Ohio

Professional Dentists Share Tips For a Successful Tooth Cavity Treatment In OhioMany adults and children form good oral habits, such as consistent brushing and flossing, as part of a healthy lifestyle. This is great! However, many patients still come in to their Cuyahoga Falls dentist and ask,

“I brush my teeth twice a day, so why do I still get cavities?”

There are many different factors involved in this question, so it’s always best to schedule an appointment with your Bucyrus dentist so you can get the best answer for your situation. However, here are some general principles regarding cavities that are helpful to consider. This article will look at why cavities form, how you can help your teeth re-mineralize, and what is the best time of day to brush your teeth.

How Do Cavities Form?

To answer this question, let’s look briefly at the structure of a tooth. All of our teeth are made up of minerals; the outermost layer is called enamel. Whenever you eat or drink foods that contain sugar or starch, the bacteria on your teeth and in your mouth begin to produce acid. This acid eats away the outer layer of enamel on your teeth. Your body works to keep your mouth within an optimal pH range. When your mouth becomes more acidic in response to sugar or starch, the minerals that make up the teeth start to recede.

Generally, the pH in your mouth will return to normal approximately 30-60 minutes after you eat or drink. However, if you consume something else containing sugars or starch before your mouth’s bacteria has a chance to return to normal, the process of acidic response and enamel loss starts all over again. This means, from a Faiview Park dentist perspective, that drinking a can of soda in a few minutes is much better than sipping it slowly over an hour or two, because you will only be starting the acid attack and enamel breakdown cycle over a very short period of time. Otherwise, when you take sips every few minutes over a long time, the acid will continue to form repeatedly and expose your teeth to mineral loss much longer.

When your enamel wears down from repeated acid attacks, your teeth are more vulnerable to the bacteria that cause cavities deep inside your teeth. If you are dealing with repeated cavities, you may want to consider removing sugary drinks, such as soda or energy drinks, and processed foods from your diet to prevent these harmful acids from attacking your enamel.

How Can I Re-Mineralize My Teeth Naturally

Knowing that your teeth have damaged enamel from acid attacks caused by sugary drinks foods prompts the question, how can I help my teeth heal? The answer is saliva! Saliva’s natural functions help filter harmful particles out of our mouths so our teeth are not continually exposed to acids and bacteria. The same minerals our teeth are made of, such as calcium and phosphate, are also found in saliva. After we eat or drink, saliva transfers those minerals back to our teeth.

Unfortunately, sometimes saliva by itself is not enough. That’s where fluoride can be helpful. Most Seven Hills dentists recommend using toothpaste with fluoride so that the beneficial properties embed themselves in your teeth, strengthening the enamel against future acid attacks. This helps your teeth build stronger enamel that is more resistant to decay and cavity-causing bacteria.

When Is The Best Time To Brush My Teeth?

Qualified Dentists For a Professional Oral Health Routine In Seven HillsWe’ve all been taught that brushing our teeth twice a day is critical for good dental health. But is there a time of day that is better than another?

While we sleep, the bacteria that cause plaque and tooth decay multiply in our mouths. Therefore, brushing your teeth immediately upon awakening is a good idea because it removes that overnight plaque and bacteria growth right away. Brushing your teeth first thing in the morning also introduces fluoride into your mouth before you eat, helping fight off acid attacks from a sugary breakfast.

If you’re someone who likes to brush right after a meal, consider waiting at least half an hour after eating. Otherwise, if you brush right away, you will actually end up removing the helpful minerals in your saliva. Instead, try drinking water or chewing gum to freshen up your mouth while still allowing the saliva to do its job and keep your teeth healthy. Lastly, brushing right before you go to bed helps stop any acid attacks from prolonging into the night while you sleep.

Visit Qualified Dentists For a Professional Oral Health Routine In Seven Hills

If you have questions about your oral health routine or have cavities, contact Pure Health Dental to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly and knowledgeable dentists. We accept a wide variety of insurance and are happy to work with uninsured patients. You can have peace of mind at Pure Health Dental knowing that your concerns will be heard and your questions will be answered! Schedule an appointment today through our website or by calling one of our seven convenient locations.


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