About us

Our Mission and Core Values

Our mission and philosophy at Pure Health Dental is to implement only the best practices in each of our offices, comply with all facets of regulatory compliance, and provide world-class, personalized oral health care to each of our patients. We strive to build everlasting relationships with patients and employees alike. All Pure Health Dental Practices are built on our core values of; Trust, Honesty, Integrity, Clinical Quality, Growth Orientated, Determination, and Synergy.

At Pure Health Dental, we provide our patients more than general dentistry services

We Personalize Your Oral Health Care

Our dental practices take a much more holistic approach to dentistry than most do. We discuss with our patients about their concerns and needs. We then collect a very thorough medical history and after a detailed oral examination, we prepare a custom detailed treatment plan for each patient. At Pure Health Dental, we want to help improve not only your smile but your overall health.

We are Dedicated to Continual Growth

At Pure Health Dental, we are always working to improve all aspects of our practice; from patient experience to team education and training. These efforts include:

  • Attending multiple educational courses throughout the year
  • Continuously  improving our practices’ capabilities by implementing cutting-edge dental technology such as digital x-rays.
  • Seeking out and utilizing more natural products to provide healthier, more sustainable dental solutions.

More About Us

At Pure Health Dental, we provide our patients more than general dentistry services. We build relationships and create a community. Our team comprises of dentists, oral hygienists, and administrative specialists dedicated to maintaining yours and your family’s oral health. Even before setting foot in our office, Pure Health Dental is already making sure you will have a most satisfying experience. Our relationship starts with providing you with affordable dental care services and flexible appointment options.

You can receive only the best service from us. We make sure of that by employing only the best dental experts and office staff. You can rest assured our team is trustworthy and reliable when it comes to your dental health care. Pure Health Dental also accepts most insurance plans, so you need not worry about the cost. We are also happy to discuss our payment options and the cost of our services with you up front. This way, you will know exactly what to expect.

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